Nothing Less Than Amazing!

My shipment of boxes was delivered today. It was nothing less than an amazing and wonderful job done by these people. Kokusai Express has three people in the office that worked on it. They even used their Yokohama crew to make the delivery and unpacking for us. (The local Hakata company they were going to use let them down.) Their Yokohama crew worked as long as we needed them to unpack boxes and put assembly items together. Again, they did a great job. I am trying to finalize the pick up/delivery of my bbq cooker next week. I am arranging a crane for that. Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful service. I only wish I had used your company for the small load I sent a couple years ago. (The other company I used gave me nothing but grief and delays for 9 months.) The packaging by your people was done very well also. Please tell the ladies and the men we are very pleased. If we ever need to make another big move, I will certainly be contacting you again.