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Charlotte Commercial Movers

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Ranking on the list of the top 10 U.S. cities with seven or more Fortune 500 corporate headquarters in the city, Charlotte is proud to make this prestigious list. With this many Fortune 500 businesses, along with several hundred small businesses, the Charlotte commercial movers are kept busy. Charlotte Van & Storage is the moving company that will build your moving schedule around your business hours to ensure your business never skips a beat.

The Charlotte commercial movers are highly skilled in moving entire corporations to a new building or moving an expanding business out of a small suite to a floor in a high-rise office building. No matter if your company is located in the surrounding suburbs or in the center of downtown Charlotte, we can accommodate either location. You need a Charlotte commercial moving company that knows how to run their business so that you can entrust them to move your business.

Business Moving Services

Our business movers are experts in clearing out an entire office, including cubicles, and are able to set up every piece again in your new office. We also take the time to discuss and plan out your move with you; so if you only need a portion of your office relocated now and the other portion five months down the line, we can provide those two services to you. We believe in customizing every move to meet your current needs.

Let the Charlotte commercial movers handle the following commercial moving services for your company:

  • Office: Our business movers can pack up your entire office during non-business hours, including FF&E services. We can set up your entire office - from your cubicles to the printers.
  • Corporate Relocation: We also provide corporate relocation as part of our business moving services. Whether you have one employee or hundreds that need relocated to a single location or multiple locations, we are the commercial moving company that can organize and make sure your employee(s) get settled in quickly.
  • Industrial Movers: Charlotte Van & Storage has the experience and moving vehicles to handle any industrial move in Charlotte and promises the best service in the area.
  • Government Movers: At Charlotte Van & Storage we recognize what government and military moves require.
  • Hospital Movers: By combining our vast experience, modern vehicles, and skilled manpower we can accommodate any moving Charlotte hospital movers request possible.
  • Library Movers: It is no secret Charlotte library moving is one of the more detailed operations we perform here at Charlotte Van & Storage but we have never turned down a moving request for being too complicated and never will.
  • Copier Distribution: At Charlotte Van & Storage, we provide comprehensive copier shipping and distribution services that start, first and foremost, with the needs of our clients.
  • Hotel Movers: Our Charlotte hotel movers have been helping large and small establishments throughout North Carolina safely and efficiently transition their belongings.
  • Restaurant Movers: Your restaurant, whether it's large or small or somewhere in-between, probably has some very fragile (and expensive) equipment inside – equipment that's probably too hard to move without professional help.
  • Medical Equipment: Charlotte healthcare moving team can also handle medical equipment shipping!

Choose a Charlotte commercial moving company that will provide you with a seamless business transition with little downtime. The Charlotte commercial movers of choice know that time is precious during a business move. At Charlotte Van & Storage, efficiency is a key component. Call us today to find out more information about our expert business movers and their services.

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