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In Charlotte and the surrounding areas, the harsh weather conditions that characterize the winter season can be damaging to your property and belongings. Because of the uncomfortable, freezing temperatures, many people head South until the snow melts, or resolve to stay inside as much as possible. In either case, winter storage services can be useful during the winter for items that are not in use and need to be protected from the weather.

Whether you are going on a long trip for the winter or you are storing seasonal items to save space in your home, Charlotte Van and Storage’s climate-controlled storage units for winter are viable options for the season. Our winter storage solutions are designed to address many different kinds of storage issues. For example, many of our customers store out-of-season items like summer clothing, recreational gear, lawn equipment, small-engine vehicles, bicycles, and other belongings that they aren’t planning on using during the cold months.

In this article, our storage specialists from Charlotte Van & Storage will discuss what winter storage services are typically used for, and will also share some of our most helpful storage tips that will help prepare your items for storing through the coldest months of the year. 

Things That Can Get Damaged During the Winter

Just as prolonged exposure to low temperatures can adversely affect your body, extremely cold temperatures can also damage some of your belongings and render them unusable. Some of the items that you need to put greater attention on include:

  • Electronics: The condensation inside electronics that results from the changing temperatures can cause damage that is beyond repair.
  • Items with Liquid: Items that contain liquid in it may also crack because the freezing temperatures may cause the liquid to expand.
  • Battery-Operated Items: Battery cells for lawnmowers, cars, and other things with small engines can also get damaged.

In order to avoid damage to such sensitive items, it is highly recommended to store your items with professional services in climate-controlled storage facilities. AtCharlotte Van and Storage, we make sure that your items are properly packed and stored throughout every season of the year, to prevent weather damage to your property—including the winter time.

Storage Tips for the Winter

Below are some of the most valuable storage tips that you can follow for greater efficiency and avoid severe damage to your belongings:

  • Start storing before the snow arrivesThe most convenient way to move your belongings into temperature-controlled storage units for winter is by moving them before the snow starts to fallThis is mostly due to the difficulty snow brings when it’s time to move. Instead of dealing with snow on moving day, try to have all your items into your storage unit at the end of the fall season to reduce the time, danger, and hassle of moving when it’s cold and snowing outside.
  • Keep your items dry and clean: To prepare your items for winter storage, ensure that everything is dry and clean. Excess water can lead to damage to some items, especially if stored for an extended period of time at freezing temperatures. Breathable materials such as wool or cotton can also be used to package items so that moisture will not get trapped. However, most importantly, the best way to control moisture in the air is by taking climate-controlled storage units for winter.
  • Make necessary repairs: Instead of waiting for spring to make necessary repairs on the items that you are planning to move to storage for winter, it is recommended to do this now rather than later. Aside from the fact that the problem could worsen over time when not addressed immediately, making the repairs now can make your items usable right away when you take them out of storage when spring comes.

The Most Secure and Reliable Winter Storage

If you are looking for a company that can provide extremely secure climate-controlled storage units for winterCharlotte Van and Storage is at your service. Since 1955, we have been providing exceptional moving and storage services through our team of highly experienced professionals who only use top-quality moving equipment and state-of-the-art facilities for storage.

Some of the storage services that we provide to the homeowners and businesses in Charlotte include:

  • Household
  • Commercial
  • Document
  • Freight Storage

If you want to learn more about these services and our moving solutions, give us a call today to speak with one of our consultants. You may also fill out this online form to request a no-obligation, completely free pricing estimateeither on-site or in your home, depending on your needs.