It’s a well-known fact that moving into a new home and out of an old one can be a very stressful and frustrating process. From the sorting and packing to the physical carrying and setting up of your new home, moving is tough—and having a plan in place can help you organize a smooth and less-stressful moving experience.

To make the process even easier, hiring a professional and reliable Charlotte moving company like Charlotte Van & Storage can make a world of difference in the ease and success of your move. Our Charlotte movers are dedicated to providing the top-quality, professional moving services you deserve—and can help you make the most out of your next relocation experience. In this article, our experts share some of our professional tips for moving during the summertime—the peak moving season of the year. As we mentioned before, planning is key to organizing a smooth move, so take a look at these helpful guidelines that will allow you to plan the perfect summer move this year.

Summer is Peak Moving Season

Many families in North Carolina and across the country find that the summer months are the ideal time to move houses. While it can be convenient, moving during this time of year may also become rather stressful because of the scorching summer heat and the number of people moving at the same time.

Still, moving over the summer season can be the perfect time for relocation for many people. Here are some of the main benefits of a summer move.

  • The Weather: If you choose to move during the winter months, you could have to face accident-prone icy roads, the extreme cold, and snowbanks—and the general discomfort of the cold weather. What’s more, the wet, icy weather might also cause your belongings to get wet and become damaged.
  • School and Kids: The new school year starts in the fall, while the old one ends at the start of the summer season. Moving during the summer break can be incredibly convenient for homeowners with children so as not to interrupt the school year.
  • Garage Sales: The summer months are when people enjoy the outdoors, which is why it is also the perfect time to host a garage sale. If you move houses during the summer, you can easily organize a garage sale under the sunny skies—and you can be sure that people will show up to buy your things.

Summer Moving Facts and Tips

With all of the benefits of a summer move considered, it’s easy to understand why summer is peak moving season across the country. As a family-owned and operated Charlotte moving company, our team of professional Charlotte movers understands the consequences that come with moving during the summer. Luckily, you can easily handle such a move if you know what to do and what not to do during a summer move.

  • Expect to Pay More: Since the summer months are considered to be the peak season for moving, you can be sure that the rates would be higher than normal. Ultimately, if you do decide to move houses during the summer, you should expect to pay higher rates and fees.
  • Early to Rise: During the summer season, both humidity levels and temperature are at their lowest in the wee hours of the morning. Thus, this is the best time to do some manual labor. What’s more, you can also avoid the rush hour traffic if you start as early as possible. Conversely, if you’re not a morning person, you can also choose to start your move in the evening. Similar to starting early in the morning, moving during nighttime means that the temperature has already cooled down again.
  • Don’t Forget About the Perishables: If you’re moving only a few hours away, then you won’t have to throw out perishable items. Instead, you can simply pack them in coolers, stuff some ice with them, and they can survive the journey. This can be done to a variety of perishables such as fruits and veggies as well as juices and milk. If you’re moving long-distance, plan ahead and give away or use perishable items before moving.
  • Forget to Wear Comfortable Clothing: Moving is a lot of physical work—and doing it over the summer also means dealing with high temperatures as well. Make sure that you stay as comfortable as ever by wearing comfortable shoes and lightweight clothing made with breathable fabrics.
  • Drink Water and Stay Cool: A summer move can cause you to overheat and sweat more than you usually do. It is important that you make sure to drink plenty of water, take breaks, turn on the A/C, and keep cool. Bring enough water bottles to accommodate yourself, family, and the movers.

Hire Professional Moving Services in Charlotte

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