The summer after high school graduation is a time of joy, excitement, and stress for the whole family. While nothing can prepare you to say goodbye to your children leaving for college, you can minimize stress by preparing for the physical moving process. During this challenging life transition, make everyone’s life a little easier by keeping in mind these 5 college moving tips.

Be supportive.
Moving for school is often stressful for everyone in the family. As a parent, it’s bittersweet to see your child the leave the home, and as a soon-to-be college student, it’s both exciting and scary. Make the process less intimidating by talking to your child and helping her plan her move. Feel free to guide her through the process, but let her take charge and work on her own schedule as much as possible.

Organize things to move.

If you haven’t moved a child to college before, you may think that she won’t need to take too many things—but you’d be surprised! Even in a small dorm, the number of items can add up quickly. Start the moving process by organizing her belongings into several piles: to take, to leave at home, to donate, and to throw away.
Tip: Keep in mind that dorms (and even apartments) are usually quite small. The less your child has to take, the better! She can always buy small furniture or accessories after she’s moved in.

Contact the roommate.

While you’re sorting through items together and deciding what to take or leave, it’s a great time for your child to contact her roommate. Especially if she’s moving into on-campus housing, she may not need—or have room—to bring everything herself. Have her coordinate with her roommate to see who can bring a chair, microwave, fridge, or other shared items.

Take the must-haves.

With hundreds or even thousands of students moving for school at the same time, local retailers sometimes run out of important moving supplies and home goods. Be sure to bring all of the most essential supplies—enough to last at least a night or two—including: 
  • Sheets, blankets, and pillows
  • Changes of clothes
  • Bath towels
  • Toiletries and toilet paper
  • Extension cords and chargers
  • Medicines
Tip: Many universities issue college moving tips specific to their campus. Double check this list for any rules or ideas about what else to bring.

Ask for help.

Last but not least, if you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Talk to your friends or family members who also have children leaving for college, or consider professional support from a moving company that specializes in university moves.
At Charlotte Van & Storage, we’ve helped local families with university moving since 1955. Whether you need some last-minute packing help or a full-service college move, you can trust our friendly and supportive staff.
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