Moving Tips from Charlotte’s Finest Relocation Experts!

Who doesn’t love moving!? Yeah, right... Let’s be honest. Moving is a pain. But, it can be exciting too. Going someplace new, starting a new job, meeting new people—these are great—but the actual moving part isn’t always so fun. If the good parts about moving seem less glamorous because you’re just too stressed, then try creating a solid moving checklist. You might be happily surprised at how much smoother things go after you put it all on paper.
How do I write a moving checklist? Glad you asked! 
Read on for some useful tips, divided into three moving phases: before the move, packing, and after arrival: 

Before the Move

If you’re like many, the hardest part about completing a large task—like moving for example—is getting started. One of the best pieces of advice moving experts offer is starting early. But, if procrastination is an arch nemesis of yours, this can be easier said than done. To get things rolling, add these tasks to Phase 1 of your to-do list: 
  • Find a reliable moving company, and book them ASAP.
  • Throw away anything you won’t take with you. 
  • Sort your belongings and group like items together. 
  • Gather any moving supplies not provided by your mover.
  • Switch your utilities and notify the post office of your address change. 
  • Withdraw cash for your move. 

Packing Time!

Ready for Phase 2? Few things are more frustrating during a move than realizing that you don’t have enough room for all your belongings in the moving van, or scrambling at the last minute to get everything packed. Both of these potential problems are usually avoidable when you do the following:
  • If packing yourself, start a few weeks early by packing things you don’t use every day. 
  • Consider foregoing cardboard boxes, instead opting for a greener and more durable solution—some providers offer eco packing boxes that you can rent just for your move. 
  • Make the most of your packing space by placing heavy items in the bottom of boxes and towards the bottom of the moving truck.
  • Find out which items your moving company will be unable to transport, and make arrangements if necessary.
  • Label everything you pack!

After Your Arrival

You’re almost done! Now that you have prepared for the move and packed your belongings, the next phase of your move can be easy-breezy if you’re prepared. Let Phase 3 of your moving checklist begin!
  • Inspect your belongings before signing
  • Test faucets, smoke detectors, phones, security systems, etc
  • Turn on the water heater if needed.
  • Prioritize unpacking according to what you’ll need first—like starting with the kitchen items for example.
  • Get out there and explore your new community!
We hope these tips for a new move were helpful! If you have any questions about preparing for your move or what to look for in a reliable Charlotte moving company, contact Charlotte Van and Storage, the local movers of choice for over 50 years!
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