At a time when many cities are shrinking, there’s been one notable exception to the trend: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Since the end of the recession, Charlotte has boasted the second-highest growth rate of any city in the United States (second only to Austin, Texas). Once considered a sizeable but ordinary metropolitan area, Charlotte has become the new star of the South. But why?

Here are just a few factors behind Charlotte’s stunning growth.

1. It’s a hub of business.

This isn’t a new development—Charlotte has been home to major banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo for decades. Along with the energy and IT industries, major financial institutions attract top talent to the city.

2. The city has targeted economic development.

Part of the growth comes from the city’s well-planned development efforts, especially in the expansion of the light rail system and the urban revitalization of Uptown. More convenient public transportation and walkable commercial districts especially attract younger residents.

3. There’s something for everyone.

Unlike many polluted and overcrowded cities, Charlotte is a natural paradise. With over 40 miles of urban trails, it’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors. Family-friendly museums are also abundant, and sports enthusiasts love cheering for the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets.

4. The weather is great.

For those who hate being locked inside during blizzards or sweating through historic heat waves, Charlotte is the perfect alternative. Although summers can be warm and humid, most of the year is mild with plenty of sunshine.

5. It boasts a low cost of living.

Charlotte’s cost of living is almost 10% lower than the national average, with a housing cost that’s even lower. For growing families, the opportunity to buy an affordable home in a safe, well-planned city is the top reason for moving to Charlotte.

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