Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the entire process can get the best of you. Because coordinating a move can be difficult, many people enlist the help of Charlotte moving services, but you can make the entire process even easier if you choose the right time of year to move.

Here are 3 reasons why moving in the fall is the best.

Cool, Crisp Air

The fall is known for cool, crisp air, and there’s no better weather for moving. Carrying heavy boxes can cause you to work up a sweat, but not in the fall when temperatures are lower!

You’re probably thinking that moving during the spring would have the same benefits. Although the temperatures begin to warm, all that melting snow and additional rain can make the ground soggy, which can make moving more difficult. The fall is relatively dry, which brings us to the next item on our list.

Less Severe Weather

Weather is less severe in the spring and fall, but the fall is much drier. When moving in the fall, you can place items on the lawn while you wait for them to be carried inside. That’s not the case in the spring.

Most people want to move during the summer, but the weather during this time can be a little crazy! Thunderstorms are common, and Charlotte can even experience severe storms due to hurricanes passing along the coast.

When it comes to the winter, dealing with snow and cold temperatures can be a challenge. Moving in the fall provides the perfect medium!

Miss the Busy Season

Perhaps the biggest reason for moving in the fall is the fact that you’re not moving during the busy season. The majority of Americans schedule their move between May and September, so moving in the fall allows you to miss the rush! 

In the fall, Charlotte moving services start slowing down as the busy season comes to an end, which means scheduling a move around your calendar is easier, especially if you’re trying to move on a weekend

No matter when you decide to move, we can help. To schedule professional Charlotte moving services, fill out our online form or give us a call today!