There is a lot of time and effort required when you relocate. From booking your moving company to boxing up your entire home, staying organized can be tough. But with a few smart packing techniques, your move (and getting moved-in afterwards) can be less stressful than you ever imagined. Here, Charlotte Van & Storage recommends these three easy ways to stay organized during your next relocation:

1.  Stock Up On Supplies

There’s no reliable way to tell exactly how many boxes you’ll need during your move; nor how many rolls of bubble wrap or packing tape. To avoid having to panic and run out the night (or hour) before your moving truck is due to arrive, stock up on all the essentials, and perhaps more than you might think you need. After all, having extra is far more preferable than running out. Be sure to have a variety of boxes of all sizes and thicknesses (studier ones for heavier items, lighter ones for clothes, etc.), plenty of packing tape, packing paper, markers for labeling contents and a sheet of paper to create an inventory list of all your boxes.

2.  Label Everything

There are few things more frustrating than going through the entire move process only to spend the first few weeks in your new place searching through piles of boxes to find what you need. Avoid the headache of misplaced items by proactively labeling all of your boxes beforehand. And no, not just with “kitchen” or “bedroom”; be specific about exactly what’s in each container. For example, “kitchen – silverware, steak knives, scissors” is a much quicker way to find what you’re looking for than opening and going through each “kitchen” box when the time comes that you need it. Plus, adding details about the contents and number of each box you’re packing to your inventory list will also make it quick and easy to ensure that all of your items arrived at your new home.

3.  Break it Up

Packing up your entire house is a lot of work. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, make sure to set aside several weeks of time before you move so you don’t have to finish all the packing in a day or two. The easiest way to do this is to tackle one room at a time, perhaps one per day. You can also make packing easier by enlisting the help of friends and family. You’ll be amazed how much can get done when you have some extra sets of hands!

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