So you’re moving. Awesome! This is going to be fun. Our movers in Charlotte will help make your transition simple and streamlined and efficient. You’re going to love it – honestly, you will. After nearly 60 years in the business and thousands of satisfied customers, we know how to execute a calculated move that makes me feel comfortable.  Comfort: that’s the name of the game right there.

Often times, however, people overlook the fact that comfort is a universal emotion across all species, not just humans. Your dog, your cat, your cockatoo: they can feel uncomfortable, too – especially during a move.

Taking your pets out of the environment they’ve grown accustomed to can be traumatic if not handled properly. Of course, it depends on the dog. Some pets are more sensitive than others. Some are more dependent on their routine. Ultimately though, pet owners must remember the following tips:

 Introduce your pet to its new home one room at a time.

This is mainly to avoid overwhelming your pooch or kitty. Birds probably don’t care too much which room you place them in – as long as the temperature is even. Dogs and cats, however, should be given some time to explore and acclimate themselves to their new environment.

 Don’t throw out your pet’s toys.

Remember your old security blanket? Or maybe that old toy that always made you smile. Everyone has something they’re deeply connected to, even pets. Bring along your pets old blankets and cages and toys; don’t throw out their things just because you’re moving and want to “start fresh.” Rover will be happier with the stuff he knows and loves, trust us.

 Be extra affectionate.

You love your animal, obviously. However, remember to stay cognizant of his or her emotions throughout the move, which, undeniably, will be extremely stressful for them. Make sure to give them extra treats and plenty of water. Keep them comfortable and happy. The idea here is to take their mind off the tremendous changes they’re going through!

For more tips on moving with animals or to request a quote, just give Charlotte Van & Storage a call or fill out the quote form on our home page – we’ll be here to provide a free consultation and no-obligation estimate any time!