Sometimes DIY projects are a great move.   For instance: cleaning out your own gutters, or cutting your own grass.  These practices save you money and are quite physically doable for the average family.  But when it comes to a large event like moving using a professional is going to be your best option.  The money you may (or may not) be saving does not cancel out the risks and hassle; you want to leave this project up to the professionals.   Local Charlotte moving assistance can be the difference between a seamless transition and moving nightmare.  Remember the following dangers before you decide to make your move into a DIY project.
  • Damaging Vehicles- whether it is your own vehicle or a rented vehicle damage to these expesive machines can be costly!  And if you aren’t used to using them mistakes, dents (or worse) are bound to happen.
  • Broken Belongings- Professional movers know how to pack and maneuver your items correctly to keep them in one piece (it’s our job!).   A crack in that brand new 60 inch flat screen TV can be devastating, is it worth the risk!?
  • Personal Injury – Carrying heavy items through awkward walkways and for long periods of time can be draining for the non professional.  Twisted ankles and jammed fingers are common in everyday life, slipping while holding a heavy object can be very detrimental.  A broken limb or worse, a broken 60inch flat screen TV can easily happen.
Professional moving companies have years of experience moving all types of homes, offices and professional service buildings.  It’s our job to know exactly how to get your things from point A to point B in one piece.  Our years of experience and state of the art equipment give us a leg up with safety and timing.  You already have enough things going on with your transition leave the big stuff to us! If you need help moving in Charlotte contact Charlotte Van today for your free quote!