If not handled correctly, a household move can cost you a small fortune. If you need your relocation to fit within a strict moving budget, it’s crucial for you to carefully prepare for the transition. You can’t simply take care of everything at the last minute and expect it to be affordable; you need to do some research and weigh your best options. Here are three simple steps for a cheap relocation.

Step 1: Hire the Right Professional Mover
Contrary to popular belief, hiring professional movers won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, since they’re well trained and experienced, they’re a lot less likely to break your items and cause you to spend money on replacements. However, don’t simply hire any company. Make sure you research movers to prove legitimacy and receive multiple quotes.

Step 2: Pack Conservatively
Believe it or not, packing materials start to add up. To reduce costs, first try to get rid of any unnecessary stuff. You can hold a garage sale or try to pawn it off on Craigslist. Next, ask friends, family, coworkers and even your employer for any old boxes. If you can manage to not pay for a single box, you’ll save yourself loads of cash.

Step 3: Look for Specials on Utilities
One of the biggest tolls on your moving budget will be the deposit charges for your electric, cable and gas services. To ensure you’re not bled dry, try to get the most for your money. Utility companies are constantly offering package deals, so try to find a few that will save you loads of cash. To find these bargains, check the website of each company, the ad listings in the local newspaper or simply give them a call.

By sticking to these three simple steps and preparing in advance, you’ll have no problem saving money on your next move. If you’re looking for Charlotte movers who will provide you with high-quality services that won’t break your moving budget, contact Charlotte Van & Storage today! Call us or fill out our online form to receive your free quote!

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