You have been anticipating this new house for weeks.

You have already closed on your house and need to be out in two weeks.  You find movers, start packing, and cancel the utilities.  Then you get the call.  The contractor has bad news and your remodeling project has been delayed.

Suddenly, you are less than a week away from the move date and you have nowhere to go. You need in-between housing.

If you have family in the area, you could stay with them, but then you need to be mindful of what they can accommodate and their schedule. 

There are some apartments that offer short term or month to month leases.  This gives you time to find a new place with the comforts of your current furniture and belongings. 

Maybe you’re sick of moving your items and don’t want to pack anything up again.  A furnished apartment might be a better option.  There are several companies and extended stay hotels that offer furnished apartments or suites. 

Local moving does not always go as smooth as a drive across town.  We understand complications occur and every situation is different. 

Whether you are just needing moving services or storage and moving, our Charlotte movers are ready to build a solution that fits your needs.  Call or visit their website to get your FREE quote today!
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