This past Memorial Day, Summer 2012 unofficially kicked into high gear. It is a time of barbeques, picnics, vacations, and for many Americans, a time to relocate from one residence to another.

Many customers often ask – when should I begin the process of moving? The answer, without hesitation, NOW!

Over the past three years, the moving industry has reacted to the downturned economy and has lost a great deal of the capacity it once had. Many drivers for the major carriers (Mayflower, United, Atlas, Bekins, etc.) have left the industry to pursue other careers during the weak economy. This has had a negative effect on the ability to meet peak season demands (historically, the moving industry sees a sizable uptick in the number of household goods moves during the period of May through September). Because of the reduced amount of drivers, many customers often do not get the move dates they request in the summer months.

All evidence shows that we will continue to have summer capacity issues for the foreseeable future.  To help protect yourself from this if you are planning to move this summer, take our suggestions:

  1. Plan early – if you are planning on moving in July, August, or September, now is the time to setup survey appointments and collect estimates.
  2. Once you receive estimates, make your decision quickly. Many moving companies will not lock in your dates until you sign your estimate and agree to tender your move to them.
  3. If you find out that the dates you need to move are restricted, don’t panic! Read on for some alternative solutions.
Charlotte Van & Storage Co., Inc. has some alternative shipping methods that may work for you. While we can’t always accommodate the dates that you’re requesting, we do have some viable options that have worked in many situations where a customer cannot get the dates that they’re requesting due to peak season restrictions. Some alternatives are below:
  1. Full Service Container option – for shipments under 5,000 lbs
  2. Charlotte Van can often haul shipments with their own truck fleet when other carriers do not have the capacity.
  3. Containerized shipping (outside, metal containers). Labor can be purchased for these and while they are often considered a Do-It-Yourself type moving solution, Full Service can be purchased.
With good planning and call to Charlotte Van & Storage Co., Inc., a no from another company can easily turn into a “Yes We Can.”

Call today for your no obligation, free in home estimate – 704-931-1511 or fill out a quote request on our website.